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蘇州泰方線纜材料有限公司 電線電纜材料專業生產商

全國咨詢服務熱線: 0512-36882050

他們都在搜: 電纜阻水帶電纜鋁箔電纜棉紙電纜麻繩pvc銅箔麥拉電纜無紡布

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我公司主要生產和銷售電線電纜屏蔽繞包材料、絕緣繞包材料、阻燃繞包材料、半導電繞包材料及各種電線電纜填充材料和包裝材料。 所有的產品都符合ROSH和REACH環保標準要求。


Suzhou Taifang Cable&Wire material Co., ltd is a subsidiary under Taifang Machinery, specialized in the production and sales of wire and cable, optical cable, electronic communication products dedicated shielding, isolation and filling materials. In the production  of anti-EMI, RFI material, we have a perfect quality management system and mature processing technology and advanced processing equipment, products for customer to provide: when high frequency transmission to improved shielding attenuation; image transmission to resist interference images, audio transmission to avoid crosstalk interference solution.

Our company mainly produce and sale cable and wire materials, such as shielding and wrapping material, insulation and wrapping material, fire-retardant wrapping material, semi-conductive and wrapping material and filling and packing. All products comply with REACH and ROSH environment protection standards.

We have a group of professional research and development team and technical engineers, through improving, the spirit of innovation in wire and cable industry from both the general customers the high praise, in the future; we will continue to work with all the customers together for common development.